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Getting an Austrian job residence of 65,000 euros with income after 3 months will increase the amount received from 400 euros monthly, although the rate of income will depend on the conditions of the case and the high language skills and language. Of course, in all conditions up to the first two years, the cost of insurance with The applicant himself / herself and the amount of the agreement exceeds the amount determined in form of the depositor's account and then withdrawn.

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There are many attractions to see in Brussels; from strange humorous paintings to Grand-Place coffee shops. Here are some suggestions for visiting the sights of Brussels and the tourist attractions of Brussels. Brussels is considered in three directions, as the center of Flanders, the capital of Belgium and an important city in Europe. First, the city of Brussels was the only small castle and then became a market square and gradually became the most important economic, political, and cultural center of Flanders. Compositions in Brussels are abundant; from strange humorous paintings to Grand-Place coffee shops . Follow our suggestions list.

Writer : Maziar
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Grand Place is a world heritage site in UNESCO and the main tourist attractions in Brussels; however, it was not initially magnificent. The area was just a sandy beach between two small streams of water called broek sella, which changed to Brussels. The sandy beach was rebuilt and became the "Niedermerckt" (smaller market) selling French and English fabrics, French wines and German beer.

In the Middle Ages, wooden houses were built around the market, and in the fourteenth century, wealthy families began to build stone sculptures that led to market growth as the main office and commercial center. The construction of a municipality building took place in 1402, which is a political center. This place is where the palaces, monarchy and emperors were present, but it was also the place of execution.

Today, Grand Place is a splendid cobblestone of the Middle Ages, and is the centerpiece of the Brussels-based market. A great place to stay and enjoy and buildings that replace wooden houses. Many admirers have admired the beauty, including Victor Hugo and Bordeaux, who have been featured on its attractiveness.

There is a daily flower market between March and October, often accompanied by live concerts and nightlife displays, as well as Brussels attractions and tourist attractions in Brussels.

Every two years, in the third week of August (its next ceremony will be held August 12-15, 2016), Belgian Belgian cultivation will decorate the market place with a beautiful flower rug with about 750,000 begonias. The visitors are welcomed with a view of 3,200 feet from the wonderful plants of the plants.

This is a place where everyday business is done and is one of the most sophisticated places in Brussels, the main center of bars and local bars, which is an excellent example of a coffee shop in that area.

Writer : Maziar
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As you entertain the Grand Place, do not forget to visit the Gothic de Ville Hotel in Brussels. The construction of this place dates back to 1402 and is a civilian state. An attractive building with vaulted windows, towers and sculptures, including St. Michael's, is a statue of killing demons. If you are energetic, go up from the 96-meter Brabantine Gothic tower and enjoy the spectacular sights of the city and the sights of Brussels.

Address: Grand-Place

Opening hours: April, September: Tuesday and Wednesday 3:15 PM, Sunday: 10:45 am and 12:15 pm October to March: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3:15 pm; English speaking tours: Wednesdays 3 Au , Sundays 10am and 2am

Entrance fee: EUR 5, free for children under 6 years of age.

Writer : Maziar
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The French name Maison du Roi is translated as the "House of Kings", although this building is a richly decorated masterpiece, there is no reward here. Flemish called it the "bread house" because it replaced the bread market of the city that existed hundreds of years ago, but today it is a tourist attraction of Brussels and the sights of Brussels.

The museum is dedicated to the history of Brussels, and if you've seen Manneken-Pis before, you can look at its costumes here. The history of Brussels has been said in three floors of the Middle Ages to date.

Address: Grand-Place (opposite Town Hall)

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10am to 5pm (Tuesday to 8pm)

Holidays: January 1, May 1, November 1 and November 11, Dec. 25

Entrance fee: EUR 4 (free for those under 18 years old on weekends!)

Writer : Maziar
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Did you know that comic art per square kilometer from Belgium is more than any other country? If you like the cartoon, you may admire the museum dedicated to comics as one of Brussels's best attractions and tourist attractions. The Waucquez Warehouse, featuring a masterpiece of its kind, is designed by Victor Horta's modern design architect. You will be on a journey that the comic strip artist should make the concept of the idea. There are more than 5000 original designs and the main part is awarded to the famous hero of the Belgian cartoon (Tin Tin).

In fact, you can see six impressive, amazing and fun cartoon designs at the end of the city's gates. This plan has been ordered by the municipality. To get the map, go to the Tourist Office in the city hall.

Address: 20 Rue de Sables / Zandstraat

Hours: Every day, except Mondays from 10am to 6pm

Admission fee: Adults 8 Euro; 12 to 18 years 6 Euros; Less than 12 years 3 Euros.

Writer : Maziar
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The Heysel Park, located in the west of Brussels, is about leisure and leisure time. In 1985, the European Championship at Heysel Stadium killed several spectators in the tragedy. It has been rebuilt afterwards, and is named after Stade Roi Baudouin (King Baudouin Stadium) and is one of Brussels's most fascinating sights.

One of the most important parts of this Atomium Park. Created by André Waterkeyn, a striking 102-meter (335-ft) atom-shaped model made of chrome and steel. To admire this structure, take time to watch and enjoy the sheer majesty.

It was built in 1958 for the World Fair as the symbol of the atomic age. A detailed image of iron molecule is magnified 165 billion times. Includes nine 18-meter-wide steel cores featuring an exhibition in each.

It's probably more impressive than the outside, but there's a high-speed elevator with a glass ceiling that only takes 23 seconds to lift you up so that you can stop for a beer and a snack, look at the scenery and Then go down the escalator and see different classes.

Atomium address: Du Centenaire Boulevard, Laeken

Hours: Every day, from 10am to 6pm

Entrance fee: adults 12 euros; 12 to 18 years; 8 euros; 6-11 years; 6 euros; Free for children under 6 years of age.

Commodities: Heysel Metro

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