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US Permanent Residences




Immigration is the category that we are witnessing more and more in recent decades; those who leave their land for the hope of a better life and travel to distant lands. Each of these people who decide to emigrate and the difficulties of the way and the experience of a new lifestyle undoubtedly have goals; one is looking for a different future, and the other runs out of war and insecurity, in Anyway, someone who has an immigration determination is bound to have a strong and strong motive for his decision, which is why these people should be able to help them as far as possible to succeed.


From among all the countries in the world that can be migrated to them, we will examine America this time. Every year many people decide to continue their lives in the United States, but how difficult is it to achieve this dream? What obstacles have you crossed to reach the goal? What are the solutions to your permanent residence?


We will continue to explore ways to obtain permanent residency in the United States. Of course, it should be noted that this article is intended only for permanent residence, and the types of temporary visas are explained in another.



A Global Look at Immigration to America




Before we introduce the types of visas that you can take to get them and eventually get permanent residence, we need to tell a few things. First you need to know the ways and means of obtaining permanent residence in the United States can vary according to the place of birth and life of the individual and some restrictions on the way of residents of some countries. But, of course, if you have some special talents and features, you can find your way through these stages and live in the United States as a citizen.


Migrants in the United States are both permanent and temporary. In this section, we will only deal with a variety of visas and methods of entering the United States for permanent residence,


The difference between the owners of Green Card and Citizen




It's good to get to know more in summary with a Green Card or a Green Card and Citizenship in the United States:




Green Card: These cards are an identification card that expresses the identity of the foreign migrant. The reason for naming this card is its apparent color and there is no other special reason. If you are successful in migrating and obtaining permanent residence in the United States, you will be issued a green card indicating your legal residence in the United States.


A Green Card holder can reside or work as an American citizen in the United States, but if he does not comply with certain conditions, he will immediately be expelled from the country, such as engaging in illegal employment, murder and ...




Citizen: The so-called Citizens of the United States of America have more benefits than Green Card immigrants. They can benefit from government assistance in various fields, for example, they can invite their distant relatives to the United States (which people can not do with greeting cards) or they are not expelled from the country. .


Note both of these people are citizens of the United States. We also describe the types of visas and items we will further describe, based on your own circumstances, such as: the grade, the person who invites him to the country, the type of your application, and ... can lead to citing or getting a greeting card. Also, taking action on any method you choose has a lot of little points that you should know about all, and getting to know these visas is just your first step.




• A point that is very much questioned: those who win lottery lottery will be the United States cats.



Permanent Visa Types for Immigrants




Permanent visas are issued to people who decide to go to work and study in the United States and live permanently there. It should be noted that if the immigrant has been able to reside permanently, but then commits a mass crime such as murder or sale of drugs or the like, his residence will be canceled.



Here are some types of permanent visas:



1-Family Visa | Family




If a person intending to immigrate is one of his close relatives in the United States and has permanent residence, he can request a family-type immigration. Such individuals include this type of immigration:




A) Wife of an American citizen.


(B) Parents reside in the United States and have an immigrant child below the age of 21 years.


(C) Child is a citizen of the United States.


D) Temporarily migrate to the United States and then become a child of a US citizen.




Some of these categories are priority. For example, small and single American citizens, single girls under the age of 21 who have their parents residing in the United States, are the children of a married daughter and son, whose parents are cysticons, or brothers and sisters of people under the age of 21 .


If you have one of the features of a family visa, you can have a high chance of receiving US permanent residence.




2-Skilled people visa | EB-1




You may be in a capable job if the United States needs it, or from elite people in your field of study and work, if it is such a good chance to obtain permanent residence in the United States.


Following on priority, we introduce people who include this type of visa:



A. Persons with outstanding ability in the fields of science, art, education, business and sports, and credible documents in their hands.


B) Major professors and researchers: If you are internationally known as a researcher, you are covered by this clause. University professors must have at least 3 years of university education or have chosen the United States to continue their research.


C) By employer: If you work in a company that has a branch in the United States and your employer can guarantee your residence, you will be covered by this clause, but do not forget to have at least three years work experience and know that the process Your work will take at least one year.



3-Job Visa | EB-2




You may qualify for a job tailored to your abilities and talents in the United States. Receiving such a residence is also prioritized as follows:




(A) Persons with a Bachelor's Degree and at least 5 years of professional background.


B) those who are able to prove and demonstrate their abilities; in fields such as science, art and ...


C) those who have endangered their national interests in the interest of the United States and, at the same time, capable and skilled.


If you include these, you can apply for a job visa.



4. Work in the required jobs EB-3




There are some jobs that are most needed because of the situation in the United States. If you include these jobs, you can apply for permanent immigration and residence.




(A) Seasonal skilled workers with at least 2 years work experience.


(B) Individuals with a bachelor's or master's degree equivalent to an American qualification.


C) workers, under-handed and inexperienced workers.



5. Special Immigration EB-4




Perhaps you have a special feature or have a job that includes this clause of permanent residence in the United States. Those included in this clause are:




(A) Iraqi and Afghan translators


(B) Iraqis who have helped the United States.


(C) United Nations staff all over the world


D) Doctors


E) Forced Armed Forces


C) Workers working on the Panama Canal.


(G) Pensioners from NATO countries


H) Wives and children of NATO members whose husbands have died.


H) People working in the field of radio and television.



5-Investment visa | EB-5




This type of visa, known as the EB-5, was set up in 1990 to assist in the economic situation of the United States and was launched in 1992. This type of visa is given to people who have the capital in their hands and decide to start a new business or invest in the existing businesses. It is easier for people who can take at least $ 500,000 to take to the United States and reside there as an investor, including permanent residence as an investor.




There are a few things you need to know about an investment visa:


1. You can pay $ 100,000 in the first step and review the rest. You need to know if you plan to start a new business or partner in existing businesses, for example, a newly established company Or buy a branch in one of the chain stores. You should not think that like many other third world countries, there are high bank earnings in the United States, and count on earnings through high bank profits, because at best, in America, your money is 4 Percentage of profit will be paid. Investments can take one of these forms: exclusive ownership, limited or macro participation, establishment Central company, a joint venture. (A joint venture is to find someone who can invest $ 500,000 in size and start a bigger business together).



Requirements for creating a job:




At least you can create a job with US $ 500,000 for five residents and guarantee their job up to 2 years. Every 5 people should be recruited full time (at least 35 hours a week), note that if you own a capital of $ 1,000,000 you should create 10 full-time jobs.


Another is the fact that investing is difficult through the creation of a job and it is necessary to obtain comprehensive information in this regard. Also, find out that there are a lot of career opportunities in the United States every year, and it's good to look ahead to good investment in investing.







Here, we just tried to get a brief overview of the various ways to obtain permanent residency in the United States, and, as a rule, each of these methods has points to consider. Some suggest that you get help from lawyers and immigration agencies in these areas, but if you want to do this, you should be sure that the lawyer you are referring to is secure because of a lot of fraud in the area of ​​immigration and in particular the migration to the United States. To give





The cost of living in America:


One of the most important concerns of people wishing to emigrate to the United States is to estimate spending in a new country. In this article, we review the cost of living in the United States for you.

Assuming you have a monthly income of $ 6,500, you seem to have a good life. The cost of treatment in the United States is high, but you also have a great insurance when you work, and although, for example, the cost of a serum connection may be up to $ 1,000, butwhat you pay is not more than $ 50.


One of the biggest costs for American residents is the cost of housing, which in most cities of the United States typically people choose the apartment for life. The cost of renting apartments varies depending on the duration of the rent, as well as the location of the apartment and its area.

In most of the US, renting a one-bedroom apartment is $ 500 to $ 800 a month. The cost of renting an apartment in one of the big cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc. is much higher, for example, renting a two bedroom apartment in or out of New York City and New Jersey is between $ 1,100 and $ 1,500 per month. .

The apartments usually have air conditioning, dishwasher, microwave and other living facilities. Of course, not all apartments have the facilities or they are charged monthly to provide some facilities. Sometimes, if you have a long-term contract for renting an apartment, you will be able to use free internet.

Apartments in America are not usually furnished. Because if they are furnished, their rental fees are much higher. For example, renting a one-bedroom apartment furnished between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500 per month. Of course, as previously mentioned, rented furnished apartments in big cities will be much higher than the price quoted.



The average income of one person after tax is net of $ 2,770.

The average cost of living in the United States is as follows:


The cost of housing




    One-bedroom apartment in the city center for $ 896

    One-bedroom apartment outside the city for $ 700

    Three bedroom apartment in the city center of $ 1,550

    Three-bedroom apartment outside the city for $ 1,200



Buying a house


    One square meter in the city center for $ 1,900

    One square meter outside the city for $ 1200



Food cost




    The cost of food for one person in a restaurant is about $ 15

    One-on-one combo for fast food is about $ 6

    Capuccino is about $ 1.5

    Pepsi One for about $ 1.5

    1 person mineral water is about $ 1.5



Super Market


    One-liter bottle of $ 1. 2

    White bread 500 grams of grain 2. 3 dollars

    Eggs packed 12 teaspoons for $ 2

    1 kg of cheese 7. $ 2

    1 kg of chicken 2 dollars

    1 kg of orange 3. 2 dollars

    1 lettuce plant 1.5 dollars

    1 kg potatoes 2 dollars

    1 kg apple 3. 1 dollar





    One-way domestic ticket is about $ 1.9

    Taxi input is about $ 2.7

    One taxi waiting time is about $ 26.8

    A taxi mileage is about $ 1. 4

    Gasoline $ 0.9





    Linen 72.5 USD

    Pants 39.9 USD

    Summer shirt $ 38.77

    Leather shoes $ 81.7



Sports and leisure


    Sports Club Monthly $ 41

    1 cinema ticket 9.5 $

    1 hour tennis court rent 21 USD

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