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Obtaining a two-year UK residence permit is 65 to 70 thousand pounds from Ankara


About England:




England The name of the southern half of the British island of Kabir is one of the four major parts of the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The area is north of Scotland and the west is with Wales and is the most important component of the UK. Its water borders are in the northwest of the Irish Sea, in the southwest of the Celtiyo Sea, in the east of the North Sea, and in the south, its canal separates it from continental Europe and France.




The UK has more than 100 small and large islands, including White Island and Mannheim. London is the capital of England and also the capital of the British Kingdom. The most abundant river in the United States is the River Thames, which passes through the city of London and ends on the North Sea.


Geographically, England has an area of ​​130, 395 square kilometers, with a population of 51, 446, 000 people.

(Legal Institute for Advanced Mehr, UK Visa Services, UK Education, Work Visas in the UK)


The oldest manifestation of human beings in the present England is about 780,000 years ago. The Romans occupied England in the year 43 BC during the Emperor Claudius, and the territory was added to the Roman Empire, the British state.


The history of England dates back to the pre-Roman era, the Roman era, the Anglo-Saxon invasion, the Norman invasion, the Plantagen dynasty, the Theodore dynasty, England in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and contemporary England.

It consists of 9 districts, 48 ​​provinces and 326 counties.


England has a relatively moderate climate, which is lower than zero in winter and does not exceed 32 degrees in summer. The coldest month is the months of January and February and the warmest month of July. The months of May, June, September and October are moderate-hot weather with minimal rainfall, the autumn and winter seasons are also the wettest seasons in England.



The cost of living in the UK

Details about the price and cost of living in the UK


As noted earlier, the UK has been recognized as one of the world's top countries in terms of living, quality of education, investment, and residence, and this has caused many applicants to go to England to study in England every year. The cost of living in the United Kingdom to the place of residence And the location depends, London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so people in London have to understand the average cost of living in London. Concerned immigrant people are spending in the United Kingdom and studying. Other applicants are partly priced to stay in the country in question. Of course, the cost of living varies from country to country. The cost of living in England is to some extent dependent on the circumstances of the individual, so people must be fully financially financially.


In the list below, the types of living expenses in England are summarized in general and it is hoped that by presenting this list somewhat less of a concern for applicants.



Price and cost of food and food in the UK




One of the most important issues about living costs in the UK is to know the prices of food and food, the costs are as follows:




    The cost of a meal at an inexpensive UK restaurant costs an average of 14 pounds and 99 cents

    The cost of a meal for two people in a typical British restaurant averages 50 pounds

    An average McDonald's cost in the UK is 5 pounds

    The cost of a cup of cappuccino in England is on average 2 pounds and 75 cents

    The cost of 0.33 liters of beverages in England is on average 1 pound and 15 cents

    The price of a bottle of water in England is an average of 0.94 pounds

    The cost per liter of milk in England is an average of 0.92 pounds

    The cost of a bread loaf in England is an average of 0.96 pounds

    The cost of one kilo of rice in the UK averages 1.53 pounds

    The price of an egg shoulder (12 pounds) is 2.24 pounds

    The cost of a kilo of local cheese is 6.49 pounds

    The cost of a kilo of chicken breast meat is 7.03 pounds

    The price per kilo of chicken thigh meat is 10.34 pounds

    The cost per kilo of apples is 1.87 pounds

    The cost of a kilo of banana is 1.08 pounds

    The cost of a kilo of oranges is 1.94 pounds

    The price of a tomato is 1.82 pounds

    The cost of a kilo of potatoes is 1.17 pounds

    The cost of a kilo of onion is 1.02 pounds


Prices and shipping costs in the UK


    The British Metro Ticket costs 2.50 pounds

    Taxes up to a kilometer in England are £ 2.30

    The tax is expected to cost 40.00 pounds for an hour

    The cost of water, electricity, gas and ... for a 85-meter apartment in the UK is 142.89 pounds

    The monthly Internet fee in the UK is £ 22.61

    The cost of a jeans trousers is 61.83 pounds

    The price of a set of summer dresses in the chain store is 32.51 pounds

    The cost of a pair of Nike shoes is 61.74 pounds

    The cost of a pair of leather shoes is 72.79 pounds



The price and cost of renting a home in the UK



The question most people are asking about living costs in England is about buying a home or renting property in the UK.




    The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center in England is an average of 730.15 pounds

    The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment outside the city in England is an average of 602.46 pounds

    The cost of renting a three bedroom apartment in the city center in England is an average of 1,199 pounds

    The cost of renting a three bedroom apartment outside the city in England is an average of £ 943.79

    Cost per square meter for home city shopping 3,581 pounds

    The price or cost per square meter for buying a home outside the city is £ 2,855


UK ticket price




The cost of a ticket is not about the cost of living in the UK, but according to the questions of individuals, we have tried to provide the average prices in this section, although these prices may vary in different seasons. Ticket prices for air tickets in England




        ATLAS JET 1,422,382 TOMAN

        PEG ASUS 1,732,335 TOMAN

        TURKISH AIRLINE 2,439,195 TOMAN

        LUFTHANSA 2,568,678 TOMAN


After mentioning the price and cost of living in the UK, we are going to examine the shortcomings of the way of immigration to England;

The main ways to immigrate to England generally include:



1 Student Visa 2. Work visa 3. Investing or registering a company 4. The birth of a child (citizenship of the soil and blood); of course, this law has already been amended. English marriage visa 6. Refugee in the uk

Study Immigration to England



The UK immigration study visa is divided into Tier 4 Child and Tier 4. Tier 4 child is for people under the age of 17. A person can apply for a visa at the age of six. The applicant can go to pre-school, secondary and high school to attend secondary school and high school, and after completing the upper secondary school and obtaining a GCSE degree, enter college or A level colleges and enter the university after completing courses. To obtain This type of visa does not require language proof due to age conditions.

Foundation and a level courses in the UK



Fouandation This college course is a one-year one, and the applicant can not go to all of his colleges after completing this course, but can only select a limited number of universities that have the Foundation course. A level This two-year course After completing this course, the applicant can enter all major universities and rank first in the country and study in all disciplines, especially medicine. The annual cost of a college is £ 30,000, which is related to college and living expenses It is all together. It should be noted that the person does not have the right to obtain the visa. The family in this type of visa will take their child to a boarding school and can visit it with a Student Visitor visa. Tier 4 This visa is for people over the age of 17 and a person must have at least IELTS 4. It should be noted that for obtaining The IELTS degree is no worries, and the Legal Institute for Developers of Mehr in Shiraz will do the necessary work by setting up departments and language classes and using language professors to prepare their clients for the IELTS exam.

Student deployment to England



Persons over 17 years of age who have a diploma can enter college without having to go through the GCSE and take college courses to continue their medical and non-medical education. Not to mention that this type of visa is not allowed.

Study in the UK



To continue studying in the UK, you will need an IELTS 4 degree and a college course. It's important to note that English is an important educational topic and that the person can eventually take medicine to the age of 24. The duration of the general medical education is 5 years 5 years dental and 5 years of pharmacy and 4 years of pharmacy. At this level of education, the person has the right to work, however, at this point, the person is not allowed to accompany.

Bachelor or Bachelor Studies in England



Studying at this level in England is subject to an empirical, math, or technical degree, and the individual with each of these three degrees and having an IELTS 5.5 can go to college and, after completing college, enter the university and in the desired field. Continue to study. Not to mention that it is important for the UK to have an academic chat. There should be no gap between the courses. The bachelor's degree in the UK is 3 years and the individual has 10 hours per week during this period. At this point, you will not be allowed to take along.

Masters Degree in UK



For this level you need to have an IELTS 6.5 degree. The period of upper secondary education in the United Kingdom is 1 year, and the individual is allowed 20 hours per week during this period. The cost of education in the UK is 12 to 22 thousand pounds, which is deducted from the cost of living in the UK. Only at the expense of the university. At this point, the person has the right to take along and he can work full time.

PhD in England



PhD: Studying at this level is subject to IELTS 7 certification. The period of study in this period is 3 years and the person can work for 20 hours per week. While studying in Ph.D. in most countries, she is considered an occupation and she also gives her a job. To enter this level, the person first enter the PrePhD and then enter the doctorate. The cost of studying in this course is between 15,000 and 24,000 pounds a year. At this point, the person has the right to take along and he can work full time.

English Premaster Course



This course is one year old and is for those with a degree. As you know, the diploma in 95% of countries is meaningless, but the legal development agency of Mehr Shiraz has been thinking about these conditions for applicants. So people can apply for a Masters degree by taking IELTS and entering the Premaster course and spending a year. The cost of this course is 8,000 to 15,000 pounds, and the person will have 20 hours of work per week, but will not be able to take along.

Student Visitor UK


This visa is for people who intend to enter the English language college for language courses. College language course is 6 months. It should be noted that this visa is no guarantee of a stay, and recently the visa is strictly enforced.

Immigration to the UK through work



Immigration to the UK is through the work or specialization of immigration to England. Therefore, working for a job in England is subject to a number of conditions: at least a bachelor's degree, a history of work related to the field of study, age, a language proficiency required for a country such as England, but some countries such as Germany and South Africa do not need it. Of course getting this type of visa is very difficult, and sometimes you will not be able to get it all due to the recent embargo's rigors. Of course, the legal development agency of Mehr Shiraz has thought about this issue. It uses the country of South Africa and obtains the country's visa as a money to get to England. Many people apply for work in the UK to obtain a work visa from South Africa, and after several years of work in the country and collecting excellent financial support for immigration to the UK.

Immigration to the UK through Tier 1 investment



Investments in England are divided into several categories: 1-50,000 pounds, 2- 200,000 pounds, 3-1,000,000 pounds, 4-2,000,000 pounds.

1. Immigration to the UK through investment of £ 50,000: This type of investment It is not suitable for Iranians. It is only suitable for Iranians who are studying in the United Kingdom and who do not intend to return to Iran after studying. As a result, they guarantee their residence with this kind of investment.

2 - Investing 200,000 pounds for the UK: for Action for this type of visa requires a degree in IELTS with a score of 4 and a Business Plan. Meanwhile, the individual must show that he has financial control and can meet the expenses of himself and his companions. This type of visa is valid for 3 years and can be extended and can be converted into permanent residence.

3 - Investment in GBP 1 000 000. There is no need for IELTS and the Business Plan for this type of investment, With £ 1,750,000 to buy and sell the rest to your liking. This type of visa is valid for 3.5 years and can be renewed up to 2 years and can be converted into permanent residence.


Child birth in uk


The birth of a child in the past was a way of immigrating to England, which today is no longer the case. In the past, the law was the sovereignty of the law of the earth, but now it has changed in blood, and another child's birth in England is not a guarantee of residence.


British marriage visa


Immigration to the UK through marriage is an option for immigration. For this visa, you must have a marriage case in the UK. The person must be able to show that he or she can afford to pay for himself / herself, otherwise the embassy will reject the application. The process of obtaining this visa is 8 months to 1 year. The conditions for immigration to England today are for many reasons the choice of many immigrants for immigration, and people always find answers to their questions and find conditions for immigration to the UK. Questions about England's TB or Tier 4 visa, how to get a UK work visa, the UK's Tier 2 visa, UK investment, or UK Tier 1 visas, and obtaining a residence by investing in the UK and, finally, how to make a UK permanent residence? . The Legal Development Center of Mehr Development, with the help of your qualified lawyers, helps you to meet these immigration goals and conditions in England. In this article, we have tried to study the conditions of immigration to the United Kingdom in general.

Methods and conditions for immigration to England



In these articles, we examine the methods and conditions for immigration to England. Also, for more information, you can contact our Legal Advisers.

Getting a UK residence through marriage



Terms of immigration to England through marriage; In general, it can be said that according to the rules of international private law, if the spouse has two or more persons, the applicant can apply for the visa and residence of the opposing party. In accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, if you intend to marry a UK citizen or a citizen of the United Kingdom, you can apply for marriage and proof of receipt of this UK visa and residence. For obtaining this visa, both parties must be of age more than 18 years old. The marriage applicant in the United Kingdom must provide evidence of his income and financial ability, indicating that he can secure his or her own spouse without government assistance. The visa applicant must apply to the UK Embassy in your country and submit your application together with all the evidence of the paternity and the necessary evidence of the residence and citizenship of your spouse. By obtaining this visa, you will be entitled to work, study and live in the soil. You will get a UK residence permit and you will be entitled to permanent residence in the UK for a period of 5 years.

British citizenship through birth



One of the conditions for immigration to England is through birth, usually countries use one of two criteria for blood or soil, or a combination of both, to give birth by birth. Since 1983, and with the adoption of new laws, the UK legal system has been regulated on the basis of blood standards, which means that Who must be at least one of the British parents to be British citizenship on birth in the UK or another country.

In fact, this citizenship is imposed on anyone born of a British parent, and the birth of a British citizen does not give rise to a nationality. Individual residence through investing in England. Tier 1 visas or UK investment visas are subject to immigration to England. And is generally divided into three categories: investor.

1 Investing in the UK before November 6, 2014, based on your point-based system, you would need to have at least one cash equivalent to apply for a UK investment visa. Million pounds (1,000,000), which is 750,000 pounds in corporations and legal entities You and your 250,000 pounds will be used in any area you wish.

On the other hand, the assets of a person, minus his debts, should not be less than two million (2,000,000) pounds. A sum of 750,000 pounds of that capital is in the account It is blocked and you only have the right to receive and use your profits. The remaining 250,000 pounds are available to anyone who can freely trade or buy property. You can not say that you need to have an academic degree without having to hold a language proficiency in order to obtain this visa. You can also bring your spouse and children with a UK investment visa.

After November 6, 2014, changes to the UK investment visa rules Created and, from that date onwards, to apply for a UK investment visa, your liquidity should not be less than £ 2 million. This must be in the property of the applicant or his spouse, and the individual must be able to prove which method he / she has obtained.

You can stay in the United Kingdom for a maximum of three years and four months in the UK, Extended for another 2 years. Entre prenear) .

2. Company-Entity or Entrepreneur-Visa in England This visa is one of the most popular types of UK investment visas. It has a liquidity of 200,000 pounds or its equivalent in British banks or banks. It is approved by the country for a specific period of time to receive this visa. First, a person must have an economic plan Dee points out how to invest in the UK and ultimately you need to invest in a business in the UK. On the other hand, you need to have a degree in English knowledge to obtain this visa. You can also apply for this visa if you have invested in a UK business less than 12 months ago. You can bring your spouse and your children with this visa. Post-study work.

3 This visa is a branch of the UK investment visa and is suitable for people who have been educated or are studying in England. If you are a student Tier4 visa is available on UK territory. You can get a permanent residence with a £ 50,000 investment in a UK business in a shorter period of time. The Tier 2 wizard or the UK work from another immigration policy in England, getting a work visa To obtain a UK work visa, it must be verified that you meet the necessary conditions You must have a visa.

The first step is to have a valid business invitation from a British or multi-national company licensed to issue the invitation. Elite athletes, international coaches, and religious leaders can apply for this visa.

Another The documents required for obtaining a UK visa are:

Application Form Having a valid passport A photo print item A customer's account balance or sponsor account that must be placed in a bank account for at least 90 days The required evidence of English language proficiency is to be noted. Since the UK visa is based on a point-based system You will need to earn 70 points to get this visa, with a job offer, appropriate financial support and language knowledge. You can get a UK job visa with a spouse and children under the age of 18 in England.

Meanwhile, he is also entitled to cover this visa when he is a child over the age of 18 who is studying in England. You can apply for permanent residence in the United Kingdom by obtaining a UK visa and entering the United Kingdom after completing steps such as staying in the UK for at least 5 years and earning a minimum of £ 35,000 per year.

Tier 4 visa or UK scholarship The other conditions for immigration to England are education in this country. The UK has always been the target of many people for studying for many reasons. The advanced educational system and its special facilities for students and students have made this country a worthwhile option.

On the other hand, the UK's well-established laws for students in this country have made it possible for students to stay in the country for a shorter period of time. The Seafarers' Educational Law School to educate you or your child in the best schools, college UK universities and universities offer tremendous services.

You can contact the institution to get advice from our international lawyers on immigration to England. In general, UK visas are divided into two broad categories: student visitor visa.

1: short-term study visa Which is due to the fact that the visa officer's opinion is involved in getting it There is not much to get it. Tier4.

2: This visa is awarded to grades such as high school, bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. and have a lot of luck. The UK is the first option for people who are going to study medicine, teeth Medicine and pharmacy.

By completing a one-year foundation course or a two-year A LEVEL, these people can begin their medical education in the UK. On the other hand, you can go to the best UK universities in the same field by studying in the same courses. Technical engineering and other fields of interest. UK Job Wizard - Work in the UK Work England - Work in the UK: Many people plan to work in the UK to be able to stay in England, but you have to keep in mind Only individuals can work in the UK, which is an academic period To be spent in the UK. This process makes it possible for us to receive your admission to study so that you can be in England and after graduation you can change the type of visa from a student by finding a job and after a long period of permanent residence Getting a job from England.

Working conditions in the United Kingdom. Working in England. Working in England. Working in England. How to find a job in England. Getting work visas in the UK is done in several ways. One way to get a job visa is to do this. That a person in the UK has a job invitation from a person with a condition It is the UK's credit rating company to know that a person must also have circumstances.

Another necessary condition for admitting a work visa is to admit that in the first 3 months inside the country, then 3 months in the European Union, if the person is not found, they will be taken from Iran or other countries, When a person is admitted to this ad, he can apply for a visa.

Finding a job in Europe has certain conditions that we will examine in more detail and the employer must, after the job adverts, hire a person to apply for a job in Consider the total cost of a person and his family. These rights should be after tax deductible In the name of the employer in the UK, you must be able to sponsor.

The whole process of applying for a work visa without a sponsor is usually difficult. Beware of fraudsters claiming they can get you a visa for a short period of time, they take a lot of people's interest in working in the UK, first ask the person who has left the country he wants to Do your job, believe that many of these immigration offices in our country have advisers who are not only familiar with private international law lessons but have never left Iran.

If you want to apply this method, the whole The process of obtaining a work visa takes between 2 and 9 months, which the applicant can do after several years (usually 2 to 5 years ) Apply for permanent residence, and this is simply possible with today's rules. Another way to obtain a work visa is to obtain a visa through skills or expertise that is available in some countries, such as Australia, Canada and Denmark.

Work in the UK The visa process is very time-consuming in most countries and the best country you can now do for Denmark is a 7 to 9-month process. Of course, the name of the Danish work visa, known as the Danish Green Card Visa, is the GR1 visa, we are dealing with many questions concerning the United Kingdom, and we have tried to resolve these doubts with explanations given to the advisers.

And you can ask us questions about how we work in the UK, and we will respond with great satisfaction, if you can help science. The only thing that ultimately seems to be to get a job in the UK is that, although the process of obtaining a work visa in England is a bit difficult, there are ways to get it.

Another way we can do in the United Kingdom We are able to work legally in that country to enter the United Kingdom as a student, and since we are allowed to work part-time during our studies, we can request it as soon as the job is advertised or wait. We ask the employer in the UK when our lesson is completed, this way is one of many ways The web is because after entering the United Kingdom, the person entering the country as a student has the opportunity to find his job and continue to study until he / she completes his studies until he / she can work through this job.

And after paying the tax for 3 or 4 years to get permanent residence. At the end, there are other ways to enter the country of England, which is not included in this brief article. An important point to be noted here is this. Those who have been educated in England can, after graduation in England, pay £ 50,000 in the UK.

T visa ier 1 which is divided into 3 main categories: INVESTOR UK investment This type of residence refers to people who have equivalent to one million pounds of liquidity in their country and can transfer their residence to England. The applicant can He must be able to save £ 750,000 of this asset for five years without permission from a bank or financial institution in England and receive a five-year residence permit. They can also purchase a property with 250,000 pounds or start up a business.

After this 5-year period, applicants can apply for a UK passport. ENTRE PRENEAR: (Visa to establish a company in the UK) How to evaluate Qualifications for applicants to obtain this visa in the UK are made by self-assessment points calculator and completed by your application form and your personal information.

To receive this UK visa, you must pay £ 200,000 to start an UK business in one of the financially service authority (FSA). Knowledge of English can increase your chances of immigration to the UK by up to 10 points. (Having a 6.5 IELTS test score is required here.) Other factors are required to obtain the grade needed to immigrate to the UK through this visa.

Which is easily accessible with the assistance of legal advisers to a permanent or permanent resident institution in the UK. POST-STUDY WORK It is required to apply for a UK visa to enter and stay in England to obtain a degree from the United Kingdom or to be in possession of a Tier 4 visa.

Such a visa is also required in very urgent cases, a full description of which will be given in detail. TIER 2 Visa: Skilled Worker Job Requirement To apply for a UK work visa, having a job offer from an institution or company for short or long term work is required during this period. Multinational companies based in the UK can also receive work visas for their employees under this cover.

This category also includes religious leaders and professional athletes who can apply for residence in the UK. In this visa, you need a sponsor or a source of funds while staying in the UK, which amounts to £ 800,000 for the visa applicant and Another 5,300 pounds for each of his companions must be 90 days prior to applying for an account.

The UK's highest visa privilege is based on your UK job offer covering up to 50 points and a minimum working time of 30 Hours per week. Your future earnings and English qualifications are also available TIER 2 tons visa to stay in the UK is effective. Information about members of religious communities and athletes and the transfer of employees of the multinational corporation to the UK will also be fully provided to you by the immigration advisers to the Advanced Development Institute of England.

According to the UK immigration law, most of the company's companies are located in Pics give professionals and graduates a job offer that they have a work permit and a right to work in, if most of the applicants have not yet been licensed to enter the UK;

therefore, they are eligible for a visa with the current conditions. The work of the UK is only available to people in the centers For more information on obtaining a UK residency and work placement with Immigration Lawyers, please contact the developer's law firm. Temporary Tier 3 visa is for temporary work and temporary immigration workers.

The Tier 4 visa is a Student Visa from the UK, whose details are fully reflected on the UK Student Page.

Tier 5 Temporary temporary work visas for work in the United Kingdom are temporary and short-term applicants for work in the UK. Residential residence permit applicants can register with a company in a European country in addition to the expansion of their business activities in the country. Many benefits include the country of residence for yourself and the family.

Developers Mehr Legal Institute has been working with expert experts in the field of business development and registration of companies and obtaining residency in Europe, and having valuable experience in continuous cooperation with European organizations and companies as well as representing some of the attraction agencies In Europe, businesses are active in business start-ups and related affairs for dear applicants.

Individuals who have an investment in Europe can invest in many countries. In this paper, we intend to invest in two European countries So that you can make a decision by comparing the circumstances In this way, a person interested in obtaining a UK residence permit with a £ 1 million asset in the UK or one of the English banks in other countries can acquire a permanent residence in England for a period of less than one year and without a need for English language proficiency.

To be It is very difficult to obtain British residence in this way, since it is very difficult to transfer this capital to England prior to obtaining a residence. In the second method, the methods used by the UK government to obtain permanent residence for immigrant applicants To the UK, the investment plan is £ 200,000. In this way, which is much easier than the first one, a person with two indicators can simply take steps to obtain permanent residence in England.

The two cases that are required for this matter are that the individual must show that the asset is equivalent to £ 200,000 for three months in one of the British government's approved banks, and the second is evidence that the dominant applicant in English If you have these two indicators, you will be given a three-year and four-month visa to help you set up a business or business in the UK.

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