Immigration to Canada through Quebec Investment
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Quebec Investment Immigration




To immigrate to Quebec, Canada, managers and business owners can get their Québec investment in the fastest time without knowledge of English or French.

This program has been developed for the development and production of employment in Quebec with the attraction of immigrant capital that has business, business or management experience. As an investment migrant, you and your family can invest up to 800,000 $ Canada for a five-year stay in Québec's Immigrant Investment Program. This investment program is guaranteed by the Quebec Government, and the government guarantees that after 5 years your money will be fully paid off without a profit. There is also the possibility for applicants for the Quebec investment method to pay only $ 220,000 instead of $ 800,000 of benefits. Enjoy the migration procedure. With the difference that if the applicant is using the $ 220,000 plan, this amount is non-refundable.

Advantages of this method:



1. In order to immigrate to Quebec through investment, the applicant is not required to have proficiency in English and French.

2. The applicant will not be obligated to create a business or business.

3. Obtaining permanent and unconditional residence for the applicant, spouse and children.

4. Perform interviews in less than a year (special cases filed after August 2017).


Quebec Immigration Terms of Investment:



Québec investment requirements

Destination of Quebec province

The minimum asset of $ 1,600,000 is legally acquired

A stockholding record or full time management management or ownership of a business or company, at least 2 years in the past 5 years

High school diploma is compulsory education

Investment $ 800,000 for 5 years with guaranteed non-profit government or $ 220,000 without return

Other cases of medical examinations and lack of background knowledge

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