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Shingen is said to be a collection of European countries that have, under a treaty of the same name, set up unified laws in line with their border and travel regulations. Due to the same treaty, all people from countries outside the union are required to travel and stay in these areas to obtain a comprehensive entry visa and a unit known as the "Schengen Visa".




Passengers outside the Schengen area can travel to any of the member states of the treaty under the terms and conditions of the Schengen Agreement, under certain time and conditions. We will continue to introduce this agreement and how we get Schengen visas.




Shingen History




The idea of ​​integrating entry permits for European countries dates back to years after the end of the Second World War. The first time in the 60s, in 1957, the Scandinavian countries, including the four countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, signed a treaty with a single decision to issue a single permit to go together.




27 years later, in 1984, Germany and France introduced the idea to the EU member states. Eventually, a year later, on June 14, 1985, in the region called "Schengen" in Luxembourg, five countries of France, West Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg signed the "Schengen Treaty". Under the treaty, traffic between the two countries' common borders was freed. There were also many other joint activities in various fields between these countries.




It was also added to the treaty when it was due to the time of the merger. Also, over the years, other European countries joined the treaty. Today, the remaining European countries are still trying to join the Schengen Convention.




Members of shingen




 There are 26 Schengen countries now. Of these, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, although not part of the European Union, are Switzerland. Ireland and the United Kingdom are also members of the European Union that are not members of the Schengen Convention; however, it should be noted that Britain has also recently left the European Union. Other countries, including Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus, are among the countries that are joining this treaty.




Austria - Austria

Hungary - Hungary


Poland - Poland


Belgium - Belgium


Iceland - Iceland


Portugal - Portugal


Czech Republic - Czech Republic


Italy - Italy


Slovakia - Slovakia


Denmark - Denmark


Latvia - Latvia


Slovenia - Slovenia


Estonia - Estonia


Lithuania - Lithuania


Spain - Spain


Finland - Finland


Luxembourg - Luxembourg


Sweden - Sweden


France - France


Malta - Malta


Switzerland - Switzerland


Germany - Germany


Netherlands - Netherlands


Liechtenstein - Liechtenstein


Greece - Greece


Norway - Norway







Types of Schengen visas




In the most general category, Shingen's visa is divided into 3 types, which will further explain each of them and their subfields.




1 Union Shingen Visa (USV)


With the "Uniform Schengen Visa," you will receive a permit to enter and travel to the member states of this treaty for a maximum of 90 days every 6 months. It begins with the beginning of this date from the moment of entering one of these countries. This visa is essentially the same tourist visa for tourists. On the other hand, this type of visa is divided into several categories. This visa includes:




Type A Visa




The purpose of this visa is "Airport Transit Visa." In this case, the passenger does not have the right to leave the Schengen airport, and can only change his plane at one of the airport's airports and travel to another country outside of the Schengen area.




Type B visa




This visa is also a transit visa. With a Type B visa, a passenger can travel to a destination outside the area from the Schengen countries within a maximum of 5 days.




Type C visa




The C type visa is in fact a short-term visa for entering and staying in the Schengen countries. C visa recipients receive one of the three following types of visa according to their travel destination and destination:








As is clear from the one-time entry visa, this visa is valid for one entry only to a Schengen member state, meaning that the validity of the traveler's visa is as soon as it leaves the country to which it is entered, regardless of how long it is Is over, it will expire.




Double Entry Visa




A double entry visa has the same conditions as a single entry visa, except that the passenger has a double entry to the Schengen countries. Keep in mind that the use of these terms is subject to certain time limits.




"Multiple entry entry"




The visa will issue a multiple entry entry permit and travel between Schengen countries. This means that the traveler can travel to and stay in several of the member states of the treaty. The only restriction on this visa is the time limit for which is valid for 90 days every 6 months from the year. Also, these 90 days are calculated on arrival in each of the countries of the Schengen area.




2 Loan Area Visa (LTV)


This type of visa is called "Limited Territorial Validity Visa." This visa will allow you to travel to and to stay within certain limits specified at the time of obtaining a visa. This visa, other than the specified areas, is not valid in any other area, and the holder does not have permission to travel to any other area. This visa is granted under certain conditions, such as a visa for refugees.



3 National visa (nv)


The "National Visa" is referred to as "Type D Visa". This visa is issued to people who intend to stay in the Schengen area for study, work or for a specified period of time. This visa, depending on its circumstances and purpose, can be entered once or multiple times, and the holder must return to his country upon completion of the validity of the visa and the end of the specified period. Having multiple entries of the D entry visa, traveling without any restrictions to all Schengen countries in the area without having to obtain another visa. With these explanations, the volunteers of this visa must have one of the following conditions:


Students traveling to Schengen countries for research projects for a period of no more than a year.


International students intending to start a scholarship from the Schengen countries. This group is also granted a one-year visa, extendable for longer stays.


Working or researching scholarship and research in research centers or scholarly institutions of the Schengen countries. This visa is issued according to the records of the individual and his family members.


Professionals who travel to the countries party to share their expertise and expertise, for example, artists and athletes in the group.


Emergency cases that a person can not leave the Schengen area for a specified period due to medical condition.


Required Documents for Schengen Sharing



You must make the necessary arrangements with your embassy in the country of destination before you can. The documents required to obtain Schengen visas in most of the member countries of the treaty are similar, and only slightly different in some details and cases. However, the main documents you must accompany include:


1 The completed visa application form is the first. In general, the first step in obtaining a visa for each country is to complete the visa application form. This form must be received from the relevant embassy. Although these countries are members of Schengen, the visa application form for each of them may vary; hence, they must receive their embassies.



2 Having the original passport with the signature and previous passports. The passport must also be valid for at least six months after applying for a visa.


3 Photo of a full-color colorful staff with a white background that has to fit with the appearance of the photographer's time.


4 Official business documents such as business licenses, business papers, legal fees and certificates of employment or education are required. Also, the applicant's civil registration documents and his / her financial resources will be required along with the official account turnover.


Note: It should be noted that these documents must be submitted to the Embassy with an official translation.


5 Flight tickets to the destination country or ticket reservation will be required.


6 Applicants must have individual or collective travel insurance for the entire period of travel. The insurer must also have a credible representative in the destination country.


7 Accompanied by a booking confirmation sheet or invitation letter sent by the inviting person from the destination country to the applicant.


Essential tips



Knowing the following tips for applying for a Schengen visa is not amiss.

All steps for applying for and obtaining Schengen visas at consulates and embassies in the countries of this treaty are enforceable and enforceable.

All documents required for each embassy must be presented in full.

Required documents may sometimes vary according to the circumstances of the individual and the country issuing the visa. Therefore, it's generally better to go to the embassy and tourist section of the country.

All translated documents require a court stamp. This work is usually done by the jury after the translation of the documents.

All expenses for applying for and obtaining a visa are irrevocable.

A visa application can be submitted up to 4 months in advance of travel.


Frequently Asked Questions in Interview



For the last section, we have gone through the frequently asked questions asked during the interview with the embassy of the destination country of the applicant.


What is your intention to travel to the Schengen countries?

Do you have any members of your family, acquaintances, friends or relatives in Schengen countries?

What is the purpose of your trip?

Who are you paying for your trip?

Are you married? If yes, how long have you been married? What is your spouse's job?

Do you have a child If yes, how old are they?

How long will your stay last?

Where will your accommodation be?

How is your education status?

Which company are you working in?

What is your company and yourself doing?

What is your income and your rights?

Will you replace someone in your workplace during your trip?

Have you ever traveled to other countries?

Where are you sure that you will return to your homeland?

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