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In this article, we will examine the cost of living in Turkey, knowledge of the issue for people who want to study in Turkey or immigrate and obtain a Turkish residence. Turkey is a country in the northwestern part of Iran and in the Middle East; it is now considered to be a European country. The official language of this country is Turkish.




The capital of Turkey, the great and beautiful city, is the largest city in Antarctica. Turkey is in fact a peninsula with a diverse climate and, generally speaking, its climate is humid and mild, given its geographical location. Turkey is from the north with Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Greece as well as the Black Sea, from the south with the Syrian, Iraqi and Mediterranean countries, from the east side with Iran and from the west by the Aegean Sea. Economically speaking, Turkey's economy is mostly based on agriculture. The country's agricultural products include citrus, sugar beet, tobacco, olive and linen. The most important cities in Turkey are Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Marmaris and Konya (Mowlana). The cost of living in Turkey varies from city to city, and in this article, we examine the average or average cost of living in Turkey.




The cost of living in Turkey is 14.45% higher than the cost of living in Iran, and it can be said that the monthly living cost in Turkey is between 1500 and 2000 lire equals 500 to 600 dollars. Currency in Turkey is Lira. Below, we will examine the cost of living in this beautiful country, of course, the cost of a Turkish ticket, etc., is not relevant to this article. Immigration to Turkey is a way of working, investing in Turkey as well as studying.


About Turkey:



Turkey is a vibrant, beautiful and mountainous country with a diverse cultural heritage in the northern hemisphere, which is located at the interface between the continents of Europe and Asia. The capital city of Ankara and its major cities include Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Konya and .... Cited. The country's population is about 78 million, the dominant religion of the country is Islam and the official language of its people is Turkish. The Turkish currency is not a lira and is not a member of the European Union. Turkey has a common border with Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Iraq and Syria. Due to its large size, the country has a different climate and a wide range of climate conditions, in some areas with Mediterranean climate and in other parts of the country is more moderate.



Situation and working conditions in Turkey 


Tourism plays an important role in the economy of the country, and due to the presence of tourism in this country, a suitable platform for job creation has been created in Turkey. The key sectors of its economy are production, agriculture and tourism. Turkey is the country with the highest employment rates in terms of job creation and employment. This is even higher than that of the United Kingdom, Canada, and France.


You need work permits in Turkey to get permission to work in Turkey. You need a visa to enter Turkey to work, but if you are a resident of a country that does not need a visa, please refer to the official Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for a visa check, you need a work contract. Signed by a Turkish company for obtaining a work visa in relation to the work permit issued. A person needs a job to obtain a permanent residence in Turkey.


There are two ways to get a job in Turkey, in the first way, through an employer who approves you in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs or direct action through the embassy or consulate of Turkey, which is usually 30 It takes day time. If you are allowed to work in Turkey in accordance with Turkish law, you will be employed by a specific employer for a particular profession at a certain location. After one year, if the parties agree, this work permit may be renewed for another three years. To renew the work in Turkey, the person must resume at least 15 days before the expiration of his license.


It is worth noting that if you are staying in Turkey, you will not be able to apply for a visa to work in this country.



Study expenses in Turkey


 Universities and academic centers in Turkey currently have a large number of applicants and usually have students at all levels of study. The cost of studying in Turkey varies according to the type of university and field. Universities in Turkey are divided into three categories: 1- Governmental universities 2- Private universities and 3- Semi-private universities. The cost of studying at state-run universities is free, the annual tuition fees of private universities vary between 10,000 and 30,000, and the costs of studying at semi-private universities are between 5,000 and 10,000 lei annually. Medical education and dentistry in Turkey are required due to university conditions.


Many job seekers, Turkey, due to their neighbors to Iran, the close proximity of their culture and religion, the presence of Iranians in Iran, the low cost of living, and the belief that in the near future, a member of the The European Union will be a good option for immigration and residence. As a bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey presents itself as a gateway to business in the eyes of its people.




Work in Turkey


Turkey was known as one of the fastest growing economies in the world until recently, though Turkey is still among the world's 20 largest economies. Obviously, someone who is migrating to work, firstly finds the job as his priority, and puts into consideration many questions. Why work and living in Turkey? What are the conditions for taking action in Turkey and under what conditions will your application be rejected? What are the conditions for obtaining a work visa in Turkey? How can work to find work in this country? Does work in Turkey include certain rules? How do legal methods of getting a job in Turkey lawfully?


Many job seekers, Turkey, due to their neighbors to Iran, the close proximity of their culture and religion, the presence of Iranians in Iran, the low cost of living, and the belief that in the near future, a member of the The European Union will be a good option for immigration and residence. As a bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey presents itself as a gateway to business in the eyes of its people.


Holding Rosegold Arian Derkhanshan with a skilled and experienced staff with a brilliant background in obtaining visas and permanent residence for those who are interested in migrating to Turkey offers the following options to take into account their conditions for obtaining Turkish residency.


1. The cost of tourist accommodation in Turkey is 6000 Lai


2. The cost of working accommodation is 30,000 Lair


3. Apply for a Turkish passport by buying a home for $ 450,000 in 90 working days


4. International marriage ceremony in Turkey with all other matters except formalities and ceremonies $ 3200


5. Registration of the company in Turkey and doing all the administrative affairs of 11500 Lair and receiving Mavi card


6. Co-ordination of American citizenship marriage and all administration and registration of marriage in Turkey $ 80,000


7. Coordination of European visas for Iraqi and Afghan citizens who have entered Turkey legally by acquiring a residence permit and completing documents of EUR 9500


8. Guidance and counseling and compilation of a suitcase in accordance with the applicant's requirements


9. Business & Investment Advice, Investing, Business Entrepreneurship, Business and Business Plans in Turkey, Europe, Canada and America


10. Translator and contractor and obtaining contracts for the representation of products in Turkey


11. A life-saving course for swimmers and amateur swimmers that can swim in backstroke and forward with any other swimwear that can swim 3 standard pool lengths with an Australian swimmer's official credential and full details Hiring in hotels and accommodation facilities in 10 Asian, European and Turkish countries, this credible credible, Australian Federation licensing course is among the world's leading lifelong recruitment priorities. Coordination for a 2-day Turkish course of $ 2,550 will be .


12. Counseling and accompaniment for choosing a university degree and attending the Turkish Tuver Tuition College at a cost and Austrian universities free of charge but subject to the acceptance of the Iranian State University and the Elementary Element with the Degree of ASP


13. Obtaining a passport from Iran's embassy for citizens who have illegally entered Turkey.


14 Procurements related to Iranian compatriots who have been deported from Turkey.


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