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Why Dominica is the best choice ?



Dominica is known as the Caribbean natural island, which remains completely virgin and intact. It is known that Christopher Columbus knew Dominica as the only island to reside there if he returned to the Caribbean.


Dominica is the only country that has the privilege of issuing passports and citizenship rights in the shortest possible time.


the lowest price


Quick process of handling


English official language


Tax exemption for many things


Possibility to travel to more than 100 countries without a visa


Ability to stay in England and Europe as well as Europe


The lack of knowledge of the mother country regarding the granting of citizenship and residence


10-year passport validation and renewal by relevant authorities


Some of Dominica's permanent nationality benefits:


Dominica is the only country that does not care about the applicant's previous and future citizenship. So you are free to live wherever you want.


Dominica will give you citizenship and passport only against the lowest investment.


Full citizenship passport and passport are only 8 months long.


The first official language of this country is English and French as the second language.


Getting a passport along with all citizenship rights and using government privileges


Dominica is an independent country that is a part of the Commonwealth of England. This passport has a high value. In addition, in the absence of a representative of the Dominican Republic, the British Embassy can do business with the applicant.


In case of multiple nationalities, applicants will not be informed of this to the country of birth.


Education in Dominica is in English and the education system is based on the British system


A Dominican passport holder can travel to over 100 countries without a visa. In addition, for visa-free countries, visa procedures are very easy and fast.


Dominica is a country where your wealth and wealth are completely secure, so that even taxes on capital, inheritances and other issues are not paid.


The government protects your bank, real estate and business accounts both inside and outside the country


Because Dominica is the same as the New York timezone in the United States, it's the best place to trade.


Dominica has a democratic government and its president is elected directly by the people.




The cost of housing in Dominica




In Dominica, usually all people are homeowners, and tenants are mostly those who are temporarily living there and are in fact tourists. There is more rental property for shops and offices. Land prices are good in Dominica. Each person can have a maximum of one hectare of land for a residence and three hectares for work. The land purchase rate varies slightly depending on the location, but in good neighborhoods it is priced at around $ 5-4 per square foot. (Each square meter is about 60,000 - 50,000 USD), and a beautiful 3-bedroom villa is traded at about $ 200,000.




Advantages of Dominica Passport




You can take advantage of Dominica citizenship. Since the acquisition of the second nationality is wholly legal, it is useful for any person living in the 21st century and in some cases necessary.




The acquisition of domination by Dominica through the donation of capital has since been established since the independence of Dominica (1978), with the aim of boosting the economy through capital-raising funds. Accordingly, those who wish to participate in economic development are given, and in return for investment, in accordance with Chapter 101 of the Constitution of this country and Articles 8 and 20 of the Immigration and Covenant of Law, within a few months, to the investor and individuals His family is granted citizenship and passports.


Visa-free travel to over 100 countries, including UK and Switzerland


Residence permit in the Commonwealth of England


Student visas in the UK for you and work and residence permit after graduation


Secondary citizenship can be obtained in a short time


Opening a variety of bank and credit accounts and passing international restrictions


The opportunity to trade freely with the whole world


The lack of direct taxes


Living in many countries in the Caribbean, including Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda and Haiti


Lack of compulsion to live in Dominica as a new citizen


The possibility of a lifelong life for yourself, your spouse and your children (and the children of your children) in paradise on earth, without worrying about the future of social, economic and political constraints in different countries, has caused today many people from different countries to have more freedom to choose. Have a place to live, work and study. For example, the following are the following restrictions:


Unable to travel freely to other countries


The difficulty of obtaining admission from the world-renowned universities


Requirement to serve military service


The existence of barriers to obtaining visas for traders to travel to different countries


The amount of income or low wages


The requirement to record or provide travel information or to control them


The requirement to pay a large tax for merchants


Possibility of canceling passports of individuals for any reason by the government

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Issuing Master Card

Rose Gold Shine Ariyan Co.

1. Has a lifetime bank account

To deposit your account internationally (Debit Card)

2. Expire expiration date

This MasterCard is 3 years old

3. Unlimited charging

You can charge this card indefinitely

4. Balance roof

$ 15,000 per month

5. Fast charge

In less than 72 hours your card will be charged

6. Card currency

The currency is a euro or dollar card

7. Charge Mastercard

Ability to charge via authorized exchange offices

8. Send SMS

The ability to send SMS per transaction on your mobile phone

9. Internet Bank

Has an internet bank to view all transactions


Has a swift code

These cards have a swift and three-year code with a direct person account number

 Other advantages of MasterCard


The ability to receive payments from ATMs connected to the MASTERCARD network

    Shopping cart readers

Ability to buy from terminals

    Internet purchases

Shopping feature from MASTERCARD accepting websites

    Electronic wallets

Connect to PayPal, SKrill and more.

    ATM overhaul

You can receive daily cash withdrawals

    Has CVV2

For Internet purchases

    high security

Has chips and magnetic strip for more security

    Carved the name of the account holder

Carve your name on the original card

    Car Rental Capability

In many car rental companies you can rent a car or you can do it to rent an internet car.

    Hotel reservations and airplanes

Ability to book hotels and airplanes around the world

    Delivery time

Your card is ready to be delivered within 10 working days!

(Saturdays and Sundays are not working days)

Required Documents :

1. Full scan of birth certificate

2. Full scan of the national card back and forth

3. Scan the passport

4. Completing the bank's form

The cost of issuing MasterCard cards is Roseland Arian Derakhshan

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Master Gold Card            T

Master Card Platinum       T