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The largest archipelago of Sweden, or a chain of small islands, has been developed around the capital of Stockholm, allowing travelers to easily access thousands of beautiful islands and a small part of the inhabited areas. To maximize the pleasure of your experience, you can experience passenger ships that offer the archipelago tour in the summer, or try the island tour. Some intact islands are wildlife houses and are a good place to go for a walk or a canoe. As such, while others have been talking about beautiful hotels, luxury hotels, and red and yellow Scandinavian wooden houses, you can experience these enjoyable experiences. Although you feel that you are miles away from the city, you can easily get to these Stockholm islands on a daily basis.

Writer : Maziar
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Although Finland is not part of the Scandinavian region, it shares common characteristics with its neighboring countries. Incredible perspectives, pristine nature and a relatively free and modern political system are a positive feature of Finland. In the winter, Aurora is visible at the northernmost point of the country. In the hot months of the year, most Finns also go to their summer cottages to swim, fish, eat barbecue and, most importantly, use the sauna. While traveling to Finland, going to Helsinki is not far off, but your trip to this country should include non-capital intentions. The following list shows the best places to visit in Finland from small towns to natural wonders in Finland.

Writer : Maziar
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Helsinki as the capital of Finland is the most popular destination you definitely do not want to miss. The reason for the resemblance of Helsinki to St. Petersburg is that it was built in 1812 to imitate the architecture of the Russian city of St. Petersburg. Some of the most important attractions of the city include several churches, most notably the Lutheran Cathedral, the Rocky Rock Church and the Ospensky Cathedral. The visit to the 1952 Olympic Stadium and the architectural style of the Art Deco building of the Finnish House of Fame are also no good. There are dozens of museums and galleries in Helsinki, and the Finnish National Museum, one of the finest in history, is one of the best.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 4924

If you want to experience the beauty of Leptland, Rouvanim will be your ultimate destination. At the end of the Second World War, the Rwannymi was completely destroyed, and as a result, the architecture of the mid-twentieth century was seen in the design of cement buildings in the area. Rwainimi has several tourist attractions, but the best place is the Santa Claus House. Visitors can visit the Santa Ana village, buy Santa Claus Stamps and even go to Santa Claus's underground amusement park. Other non-Christmas attractions include the Curvedi House of Culture, the Pileka Science Center and the engineering masterpiece of the area, Paul Yatekan Kintela.

Writer : Maziar
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Savonlinna is a small town in the heart of Finish Lake County. This historic destination is worth the trip once. Undoubtedly, the largest tourist attraction in the area, located between the lake Simema and its numerous islands, is Olavienlina or the St. Olaf Castle, which was built in the fifteenth century. Since the castle for centuries has no political or military significance, it has remained intact during the history and time of destruction. Other interesting places are the Savonlinna Museum, the Orthodox Museum, the Savonlinna Provincial Museum and the Karmaki Region, which houses the largest wooden church in the world. In the Savonlinna market, be sure to try the Maquino, which is one of the local cuisine in the area and made with the herring. This food is sold on a number of booths in the market.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 5017

Porvoo is the second oldest town in Finland. The area is renowned for its beautiful and unique wooden houses. Walking through the paving streets of Old Pyrmo, where local people are called Vana Pyruvian, you can see the spectacular sites of the thirteenth century, although most of the wooden buildings were built in the late nineteenth century. They are Other ways to spend time in the heart of the city include the excursion to the Cathedral of the eleventh century, the visit to the Museum of Porvoo, the old art of the region, and the tour around Brunberg's famous business district and to eat sweets and delicious chocolates.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 4914

Turku is located along the southern tip of the southern foothills of southern Finland. It was the capital of Finland during the nineteenth century and, according to some, it is the oldest county in Finland. Although Helsinki has long been Finland's capital, Turku is still one of the main destinations for tourism in Finland. There are countless historical and cultural attractions in the area, most notably the Thirteenth Century Turku castle, the Iowa Woods and Ares Nova Twin Museums, and the Château-Ninaki neighborhood. This neighborhood is among the few areas that have not been damaged in the widespread fires of the early nineteenth century in Turku.

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