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As the name suggests, Finish Lake District is a region with many lakes. About 55,000 lakes are spread over 200 meters in the area. This area is located in the center and east of Finland, surrounded by the Russian border and the stunning peaks of Salpa Selca. Sayma is the largest lake in the area and is a great place to swim, ride or walk around the lake and enjoy its beautiful scenery. You can visit Uvashkula or the medieval castle of St. Olaf during your trip to Finish Lake.

Writer : Maziar
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The industrial city is a little in Finish Lepeland and has several pulp mills. Travelers know this city with its famous Snowy Palace. This three-story palace is built every year and is used to hold weddings and performances. Guests can spend the night at the snowy hotel. Nightlife is flowing in a bit, and travelers can take part in ice-breaker tours in Arctic waters. The ship moves to find stunning ice cliffs and incredible landscapes across the Arctic waters.

Writer : Maziar
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In the heart of the Baltic Sea, there are a number of islands known as the Aland Islands Archipelago. Although the islands originally belong to Finland, they are almost autonomously ruled. This is part of Finland, where most speakers speak Finnish instead of Finnish! Visitors can take pleasure boats to these islands, and include sights such as the Aland Maritime Museum, the castle of the 14th-century castlehouse, long walkways with amazing sights, as well as an old ship that has now become a museum and Pomeranian Is called to visit. Pancakes with plum and cream jam are one of the delicious desserts in this area you should not miss eating.

Writer : Maziar
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Although Tampere is the third largest city in Finland, it has not yet become a metropolis, and is more like a community of neighborhoods. Take a look at Tampere's historic heritage to the Definitive Collection, which houses the Natural History Museum and the Hockey Hall of Fame. Sports such as skis and hockey are very popular in Tampere, but those who are not interested in sports can visit other popular destinations such as the Dock Park and the Hitten Botanical Garden. The Aduncher Park, in the center of the city, has an aquarium, skyscraper, children's zoo, an artistic museum and a gazebo with fantastic views of the forests and lakes.

Writer : Maziar
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The virgin landscapes of Finland have made it a dream destination for nature lovers. The summer residence of Leiva is undoubtedly the best place to have fun and enjoy outdoor leisure time. Lewis, located in Finish Leptlend, has several kilometers of ski slopes and snowboarding. It's possible to do more unusual activities, such as sleigh rides with deer, fishing in frozen waters, and resting in outdoor sunshine. Nightlife in Liwa is one of the factors that the Finnish people are attracted to, so do not leave the area before you hit bars, lanes and central clubs.

Writer : Maziar
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Starting a new life in a new country is a great step. Before you make a decision, you should research the destination country and existing opportunities well. People are emigrating in hopes of achieving better conditions. Therefore, you must identify the privileges and difficulties ahead. Culture, social and political conditions, living expenses and income opportunities in the country of destination are of great importance. The situation of a person in the country of origin is also unimportant. Perhaps an average European, after migrating to another continent, can spend six months without jobs and relying on its savings. But for an average middle-income Iranian in the current economic situation, it's probably not possible to do this very well! So choosing the best immigration country that fits your financial, assets and capabilities will have a dramatic effect on the success of your post-immigration life.


According to U.S.News & World Report, as one of the best ranked countries in the world, in 2017, Sweden was designated as the best country for immigration. Canada, Switzerland, Australia and Germany, respectively. But this does not determine the conditions and characteristics of immigrants to these countries. If you have a huge investment, you can probably start a new life by taking an investment visa. In addition, the social and economic course of these countries must also be taken into account; for example, in Sweden, which seems to be the paradise of immigrants, in recent years pessimism and immigrants' crimes (either as defendants or as victims) have increased, and apparently people Sweden does not deserve a lot of immigrants and cultural change in their country!

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Required Documents :

1. Full scan of birth certificate

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