Starting a new life in a new country is a great step
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Starting a new life in a new country is a great step. Before you make a decision, you should research the destination country and existing opportunities well. People are emigrating in hopes of achieving better conditions. Therefore, you must identify the privileges and difficulties ahead. Culture, social and political conditions, living expenses and income opportunities in the country of destination are of great importance. The situation of a person in the country of origin is also unimportant. Perhaps an average European, after migrating to another continent, can spend six months without jobs and relying on its savings. But for an average middle-income Iranian in the current economic situation, it's probably not possible to do this very well! So choosing the best immigration country that fits your financial, assets and capabilities will have a dramatic effect on the success of your post-immigration life.


According to U.S.News & World Report, as one of the best ranked countries in the world, in 2017, Sweden was designated as the best country for immigration. Canada, Switzerland, Australia and Germany, respectively. But this does not determine the conditions and characteristics of immigrants to these countries. If you have a huge investment, you can probably start a new life by taking an investment visa. In addition, the social and economic course of these countries must also be taken into account; for example, in Sweden, which seems to be the paradise of immigrants, in recent years pessimism and immigrants' crimes (either as defendants or as victims) have increased, and apparently people Sweden does not deserve a lot of immigrants and cultural change in their country!

Although no measurable assessment has been made for a definitive ranking of countries, according to experts and institutes, several countries will be in the category of the best countries for immigration in 2018. Here we introduce these countries.




60 percent of Malaysian population are Muslim. This country has been selected as the highest country in the polls of the best country for Muslim immigration. The existence of diverse cultures including Chinese, Malay, Hindi and their peaceful life together has made this country a charming place for tourists. Add these beautiful nature and simplicity to finding halal food. According to the U.S. U.Report magazine, ranking 2018 in the best countries in the world, Malaysia has a fourteenth position. Migration to this country is often done through a work visa.




If Aurora, Santa Claus, and the Arctic Circle catch you, perhaps you should choose Finland for life. According to the estimates, Finland is the safest country in the world and a good candidate as the best country for immigration in 2018. So, if the calm of Canada or Norway is not enough for you, you will not find a better place than Finland. If you do not hurt your head, Finn is a good destination for you. Helsinki is one of the best cities in the list of affordable cities in the world. Based on the evaluation of the U.S. WorldWide magazine in the ranking of the best countries, Finland has the 14th place. Immigration to Finland takes place more often through work or study, and immigration through investment is less advisable because of its high cost.

New Zealand:


The beautiful nature of New Zealand is ineffective. The fruits of the "Lord of the Rings" production and production have benefited all the people. The country with the highest score in "social capital" is known to the kind people, the great citizenship and the strong social protection networks. The balance between work and life, quality of life, and the ability to use medical and therapeutic services has made the country a popular destination for both students and the specialist workforce. New Zealand is one of the most prominent countries in the world, which has good weather all year round. The country's educational system is in the best of the world. New Zealand ranked thirteen, according to the U.S. News Report, ranking 2018 in the best countries in the world. Stay in New Zealand more through education, and then through a work visa and a work permit visa.



Perhaps Instagram has pictures of the stunning nature of Iceland. According to the World Peace Index in 2018, Iceland is the quietest country in the world. Relaxation and security are most characteristic of Nordic countries (Scandinavia and North Atlantic). Recently, the country has made many changes in gender equality, making it one of the best places to live. According to the U.S. U.R.P. magazine's rating in the ranking of the best countries, Iceland holds the 12th place. Immigration to Iceland is difficult due to the rules of domestic support, therefore the study visa or the immigration through the registration of the company seems to be a more appropriate option.




It is well-known that people in Norway live in peace and happiness. Environmental pollution in this country is very low and maybe even nothing. The stunning beauty, quiet life and free education at all public universities are from the privileges of Norway. Moreover, Norway has no difficulty with immigration laws. Maybe you do not like the northern cold weather, but security and healthy life are not something you can easily ignore. Norway ranked 12th in the ranking of the best countries in the world, according to U.S. U.R.P. Immigration to this country often takes place through a student visa or a work visa or company registration in that country.


Sweden is one of the most popular countries for immigration because of its strong social security. Human rights are very important in this country. Equitable distribution of wealth and strong government support from citizens are another positive feature of Sweden. In the last few years, the diversity of the Swedish population has increased dramatically. In 2017, the immigrant population reached 10% of the population


Do not forget that in addition to the country of destination features, your individual circumstances and characteristics also affect the selection of the destination. It is good to know that in some studies, India and Saudi Arabia are among the top 10 countries for immigrants, but they are indispensable for immigrants with special conditions! At the same time, do not overlook the impact of the wave of migration due to regional wars in recent years on countries that have accepted asylum seekers. Getting sufficient and reliable information has a profound effect on the right choices and the successful start of your new life. Immigration to Sweden is also done through work, investment and education.



Some of the oldest universities in the world are located in Germany; universities provide high-quality educational services. The low rates of crime and many job opportunities have made the country one of the most popular countries to start again. In Germany, the unemployment rate is low compared to other European Union countries. For immigrants who have Schengen visas, Germany is always the top priority. Germany is one of the most populous, wealthiest and largest economies in the world. The country has a significant number of skilled and experienced workforce. According to the rating of the magazine "UCI", it ranked first among entrepreneurs and ranked third in the list of the best countries.



Canada is by far the best country to emigrate a large number of people, especially students and professionals. In line with its policies, Welcomes immigrants. Canadian immigration and visa regulations are not complicated. Canada has consistently been ranked first in terms of quality of life in recent years, thanks to the health and education system, business conditions, industry-based technology and individual development opportunities. Canada, the world's largest after Russia, is a major exporter of minerals, food and energy. Australia is one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world. Remember the "Immigrants" cartoon? The land of immigrants is the name given to Australia. Indeed, the country owes its considerable economic growth to those who are determined to migrate to Australia and live in this country. The immigrant population in Australia has reached the second and third generations. Usually, immigrants from the country through the Australian Investment Visa or the Australian Worker's Visa Act. Australian permanent residence is possible on average 8 to 12 months. There are many job opportunities in the country as the advancement of research and development. Add high quality of life (Fifth World Rank) to its benefits. Accepting immigrants from many Asian and other non-Russian countries has had a major impact on the country's traditional culture. At the annual ranking of the USNews & World Report magazine on the list of the best countries in the world (generally not immigration ) In 2018, Canada ranked second and Australia ranked seventh. But for the best country for immigration, determining Australia or Canada's superiority as the best destination especially for Iranians is difficult and the choice between the country is a bit difficult.

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