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Writer : Maziar
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Every year, Sweden has a high rank in assessing the quality of life, equality and happiness, and for this reason it has become a unique place to live. It is also a great destination for travelers due to its breathtaking natural scenery, the cultivation of horticultural cuisine and beautiful medieval towns. Do not forget these beautiful places in your next trip to Scandinavia's Wonderland. Bring together Holding Rose Gold Ariyan shine to enjoy the attractions of Sweden.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 6135

We suggest that you have a historic break in Sigtuna, the oldest city in Sweden. Sigtuna is a beautiful city located at Lake Mälaren in Uppland in the north of Stockholm and discovered at the Vikings about 980 AD. Despite its small size, the city is still considered an accepted city among tourists for its historic significance. The center of this medieval town is filled with art shops, local restaurants, captivating cafes and clothing stores. Do not forget to circle around the medieval churches, ruins and spells around this city. St. Mary's Church is a brick building built in the style of Gothic architecture and is the perfect place to start your journey in this city.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 5155

The Gotha Canal, the 190-kilometer waterway constructed in the 19th century, can be called the best Swedish engineering feat. The watershed connects Stockholm to the northwest of Sweden to Gutenberg in the southwest of the country. Along with this catchment there are 47 bridges and 58 movable dams. In this channel, you can enjoy a relaxed ride on a passenger ship or rent a boat and operate your own tour. People who do not know how to sail or seek a cheaper way to see the native areas of this canal can use bikes with guidance for the catchment area. It is important that it is open to tourists from May to September.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 6192

Jugarden is an island far from the center of Stockholm. It is an island park filled with green spaces, museums and other entertainment options. Walk to the Djurgårdsbrunncanal or take advantage of some of the best tourist attractions such as The Abba Museum, The Museum of Ethnography, The Vasa Museum, Open-Air Museum and Outdoor Zoo, Park Have fun in Stockholm. The island also offers plenty of restaurants and cafes for those who are eating delicious food and those who need the Fica (Swedish term for coffee time). However, the island is very small, but there are plenty of things to do to get passengers busy, and tourists can easily take a full day out there.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 5745

The ABISCO National Park, located in the north of Lapland, is the main venue for the camp and exploration of Aurora. Also, the Aurora Sky Station on Mount Mount Nuolja, a mountain 900 meters above sea level in a very black area, is one of the best spectacular landscapes in the world. In the summer, tourists can walk in the woods, walk through the Trollsjön, the cleanest lake in Sweden, and cave. Even in the winter, travelers can enjoy the beauty of nature, for example, there is a possibility of skiing in this area. The ambitious explorers can try the dogs sled or find a place to catch the icy fish. We propose spending the night at the Mount Abyssou Station, a mountain house that was used a century ago.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 6098

Ski slopes in the city of R have a high score in the world. The city has a wide range of restaurants and shopping centers and there are other leisure options. But most tourists travel there because of the good ski conditions. It is noteworthy that Åreskutan is the most northernmost point in the north of Europe, and during the darker months of winter, travelers can enjoy the journey on bright nights, as well as a brief look at the Northern Aurora. For those who are looking for more adventure, it is also recommended to explore explorers in the snow, which take several days or more hours.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 5496

Visby is a medieval enclosed city called the "Pearl of the Baltic Sea", and as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is well-known for the Viking Viking. Visby is an armed propaganda city in northern Europe, which has been well preserved and, according to UNESCO, its walls are 700 years old. This strange city, covered with wild roses and several hundred years old ruins, has accepted the modern, modern Scandinavian life of today. In this city, 100-year-old houses of sumptuous and wooden houses are beside paved streets. There is no need to worry about the end of the spectacular ruins, because Gatland has 90 churches, most of them built before the 12th century.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 5777

Costaheriot is the first Swedish submarine park. The 450 square km park contains the most diverse marine life. The submarine park covers about 200 different types of animals and plants, including deep-water coral reefs. The park is located on the island of Castres in western Sweden, and is home to the Koster-Väderö Fjord. In the summer, tourists can swim and dive in the park, and at other times of the year, to go for hiking, fishing and bird watching. Guests can also take a boat along with blue pigs or boats at certain times of the year.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 5672

Jakmo is a dreamy city in Lapland, the northern state of Sweden, where you can watch the Northern Rabbit, watch the winter market and get information about a local group called "Sami". The JakMok market is more than 400 years old and starts every February. Despite the high snow and two-digit temperatures below the freezing point, the traditional Sami culture is celebrated. We recommend that you eat local food from the place, feed the North deer and watch local dance on the market. Also go to the Ájtte Museum, which displays the deep Sammy culture. Jakamo is the main point of access to the 4 National Parks in the Laponaya World Heritage Site. In this city, expect to see the endless summer days or the long darkness of the winter, as the city is located above the orbit of the Arctic.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 6047

A skier located in the southern region of Sweden is a city located on the world's heaviest soil. Beautifully landscaped lands, forests and lakes adorn this place, and there are about 300 castles and gardens from the 12th to the 19th centuries. The cultivation of agricultural crops, the endless flowers of the plains, the vast horizons and the calm beaches of this city are very tempting. Local restaurants also grew vegetables and fresh fruits, eating goose, eel, mushrooms and asparagus as gourmet foods. We suggest that you have a roundabout at Sofiero Castle and a walk in the Skåneleden Trail after a meal, and take a 1000km journey on the eastern side of the city or in places equipped with guide boards, Ride a bike.

Writer : Maziar
Visit: 6214

The largest archipelago of Sweden, or a chain of small islands, has been developed around the capital of Stockholm, allowing travelers to easily access thousands of beautiful islands and a small part of the inhabited areas. To maximize the pleasure of your experience, you can experience passenger ships that offer the archipelago tour in the summer, or try the island tour. Some intact islands are wildlife houses and are a good place to go for a walk or a canoe. As such, while others have been talking about beautiful hotels, luxury hotels, and red and yellow Scandinavian wooden houses, you can experience these enjoyable experiences. Although you feel that you are miles away from the city, you can easily get to these Stockholm islands on a daily basis.

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